Coming Soon to Lake Nona: The Revolutionary Lilium Vertiport!



Lake Nona is the first of several forward-thinking cities that are welcoming the arrival of the Lilium vertiport: a center for regional, high-speed, electric air transportation.

Lilium is a German aviation company introducing an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft that is revolutionizing the urban and regional transport industry. Lilium Jets use 36 electric engines to power the vertical take-off and landing and to reach speeds up to 187 mph.

Air Taxis Connecting Floridians

These electric air taxis will connect cities across Florida, with at least 10 vertiports installed in strategic locations throughout the state. Each vertiport will serve a 186-mile radius, allowing Floridians to travel to and from cities quickly and at comparable prices to other transportation options (as little as $70 a flight). Jets are designed to carry five people—with a pilot at first but eventually flying autonomously.

Lilium and Tavistock Development Company, the Orlando-based mastermind behind the innovative Lake Nona Smart City, are partnering with the City of Orlando to bring this ground-breaking technology to Lake Nona.

At JP Capital Realty, we are thrilled to be a Lake Nona realtor in these exciting times, as the city becomes a hub for a state-wide network supporting accessible air transport.

An Environmentally Friendly Transport System

Lilium Jets and vertiports introduce an efficient, zero-carbon transportation system, the likes of which we have not seen before. The jets are charged between journeys and use electric motors for on-ground travel.

Vertiports are modular and compact, and their noise footprint is minimal. Compared to high-speed rail hubs, vertiports are 10 times faster and 100 times cheaper to build.

We'll Help You Find a Home in Lake Nona

Who would not want to live in a place where you can grab an on-demand, high-speed air taxi for that business meeting in Tampa or Gainesville? JP Capital Realty specializes in helping people buy and sell homes in Laureate Park and greater Lake Nona. If you want to work with the best Lake Nona realtor, send us an email through our Contact page or call JP at 407-962-6888.

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