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Buying Your Dream Home

Jason (“JP”) and the team at boutique brokerage JP Capital Realty commit to helping people find and purchase their Lake Nona dream homes.

What is a boutique brokerage?  “Boutique” means that we offer ultra-personalized service. We go above and beyond to provide white-glove care to every client we assist in finding a home.

Clients who have purchased homes before know the amount of time and work involved in the shopping and buying process. For those who have never bought a home, it may feel like a timeline of nerve-wracking unknowns.

Whether you’re an expert or not, we tailor our service to your level of need and experience.

We bring a thorough understanding of:

·         current Lake Nona market trends

·         target-neighborhood demographics

·         ground-breaking technology advances in the area, and

·         other important influencing considerations

We Start with Step One

The home-buying process begins with establishing your budget and identifying what kind of house, neighborhood, and location you desire.

Write down your bird’s-eye-view “wants” as well as a list of specific features you desire in a home. Break that list down into:

·         Top five must-haves 

·         Five next most important wants

·         Five “it would be nice if the house had these” features

Once we have this information, we can get going.

Step Two: How Much House Can You Buy?

Getting pre-approved for a home loan is an important early step in the house-hunting timeline. The salient piece of information that comes out of this step is how much house you can buy.

Maybe you can afford a bigger house than you think. Or maybe you will have to adjust your feature-wants list. In any case, a home loan pre-approval gives you and us the financial information necessary to search efficiently.

Step Three: Find a House & Make an Offer

This is the exciting part! We love to help buyers find a home!

Once you say, “This one is it!” we draft an offer (with your input) and submit it. The offer contains details such as:

·         the price you’re willing to pay

·         the date you want to close on, and

·         contingencies such as inspections or the sale of your current home

Step Four: We Write the Contract & You Apply for a Home Loan

Some negotiating often happens at this point. We handle the back-and-forth discussions, with your input.

When negotiations are complete, we finalize the contract, and you and the seller(s) sign it.

Then we send all required documents to the title company, where the agents start a file and begin working on assembling title and property tax information.

Step Five: Inspections and Appraisal

During Step Five, we order the inspections you stipulated in the contract. Usually, we order a general home inspection. Depending on the age and location of the home, we may also order inspections of:

·         the roof

·         septic system and drain field

·         water well and pump

·         wood frame structure (for termites)

Inspections typically must be done within seven to 10 days.

This is also when the lender and title company order a property appraisal and survey.

Step Six: Pre-Closing Arrangements

·         All final paperwork is wrapped up, including the title examination and payoff statements.

·         We arrange a closing time and date.

·         You do a final walk-through inspection.

Step Seven: Closing!

The Closing is a sit-down meeting with the title company. We attend with you. You sign the closing documents and provide a cashier’s check for closing costs and the balance you owe.

The seller gets paid, and the house is yours!

Step Eight: Party Time!

No one needs this step explained!

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