Downsize Your Home and Travel the US in an RV!

When you dream, where do you see yourself? On a curving Spanish beach? At a French sidewalk café? Under a clear Tahitian waterfall?

Unfortunately, the pandemic has forced many of us to shelve our far-flung trip dreams. But that doesn’t mean we have to deny our wanderlust altogether. No, we just need to adjust our scope, consider in-country destinations, and figure out ways to make new dreams happen.

Roam Around in an RV

Speaking of making new dreams happen, have you ever thought about roaming in an RV?

If you have, you’re in good company. The number of RVs on the road has exploded this year.  Steve Lewis of Lightnin RV Rentals in Lawrenceville, GA, says that since May 2020, he has experienced a “tsunami of business.” People who want to get out but avoid airplanes, airports, and restaurants are turning to RV travel instead.

It’s not just families on vacation. No, it’s members of the workforce, too.

People who now work from home have realized the fantastic mobility this allows. So much possibility opens up that wasn’t there before. Why work from home-home when you can work from home-on-the-road?

If all you need is a laptop and internet connection, your RV desk becomes production-central, and you can work from, let’s see, the Grand Canyon, the Outer Banks, Catalina Island, and all points in between. What’s not to love about that?

New RV’ers include retirees as well. These folks who used to fly and cruise to international tourist hotspots are purchasing RVs and touring this country instead.

It’s Good to Have a Home Base

So, if you’re spending half the year on the road in an RV, how much sense does it make to maintain a large place back home? Sure, you enjoy it while you’re there, but when you leave, it sits empty and you have to hire out all the maintenance tasks.

What if you ditched the big digs and downsized? What if you picked up a townhome (in #LakeNona you can find one for $330K) and let the HOA deal with the lawn? What if the smaller place became your base and you RV-roamed from there?

It’s not far-fetched. People are doing this! (Search “RV travel” in your browser and see for yourself.)

Let JP Capital Realty Help You Make it Happen

JP Capital Realty specializes in helping people buy and sell homes in Laureate Park and greater Lake Nona. We’ll help you sell the big place (NOW is a perfect time to put it on the market) and find a place that works as your RV-touring home base.

Send us an email using the form on the Contact page or call JP at 407-962-6888.